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This program supports College and Career Readiness Plans— for students’ academic and future careers. It is designed so that students can take the steps needed to be successful in their academic and personal lives. It helps them understand where they are at in their academic careers and where they can go.

Collaborative discussions, interactive activities with writing and research, and socio-emotional learning reflections are embedded in each lesson. English language support is included wherever there is a need to further scaffold the lesson. This planning program supports the individual evolution of goals.

Students are empowered with strategies to address the development of academic behaviors, or key learning skills. The contextual skills and self-awareness supports their transition to postsecondary education. They will discover for themselves how to proceed through their personal College and Career Readiness Continuum* planning process.

IDEAS for College and Career Readiness Plans provides schools resourced with grants, resource classes, summer, after-school, or freshman experience classes, with an ideal, easy-to-implement curriculum based on 6 sessions. The depth and breadth of each session is flexible and can be maximized over a school year. School and District administrators will be pleased how this capacitates those who participate in the program to discover their abilities and succeed.

The Need for College Readiness Counseling - In today’s global, knowledge-based economy, a college education is the gateway to social mobility and better lifelong opportunities. The vast majority of America’s high school students (86 percent) expect to attend college, but many lack the support and guidance they need to prepare for enrollment and success in college. (U.S. Department of Education, NCES 2010-170). Furthermore, college-going rates differ disproportionately by family income, parent education level and other demographic characteristics.

-The College Board Advocacy and Policy Center 2010