Attainment Company

Attainment Company collaborates with universities around the country to publish research-based curricula, especially for students with intellectual disability or autism. Our initial publication, created through a partnership with the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, was the groundbreaking Early Literacy Skill Builder (ELSB). The result of a five year federally funded research project, it was the first scientifically based reading program for this population to incorporate the National Reading Panel’s five key components of reading instruction. We have since published research-based curricula in math, science, self-determination, and language arts—including the Early Reading Skills Builder, a stepping stone for ELSB graduates. Other curricula, like PASS to ReadingEPACC, and Developing Reading Fluency, serve at-risk students or those with high incidence disabilities. 

The Pre-Employment Transition Solution provides lessons specific to each of the five WIOA required activities. Each lesson plan includes an instructor’s script, lesson objectives, lesson plans, independent practice, and collaborative resources to fulfill the requirements of WIOA. These lessons will engage students in meaningful learning to support independent adult living and work. Lessons are leveled to meet the needs of all learners. Each lesson plan is connected to additional materials with identified pages from 13 existing Attainment Company curricula, resource books, pictorial instruction, software, apps and videos—all included in the package. Implementation of the Pre-ETS Solution will ensure that all students will complete the five required activities as part of Pre-Employment Transition Services in the federal WIOA regulations. To make the Pre-ETS Solution accessible for all students, we’ve included interactive GoWorksheet activities on the iPad and samples of communication overlays.

Pre-ETS Solution Includes: Instructor’s Guide, Pre-ETS Assessment Manual, a Student Notebook for each of the 5 Pre-Employment Transition Services, GoWorksheet App, GoWorksheet activities, flash drive, and sample communication overlays. 

Five Required WIOA, Pre-Employment Transition Services Covered:

  1. Job & Career Exploration

  2. Work-Based Learning

  3. Post-Secondary Training

  4. Workplace Readiness

  5. Self-Advocacy

Attainment Company is a selected core curriculum provider for the New York City Department of Education.