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Spanish ¡Qué chévere!

Welcome to ¡Qué chévere! Second Edition ©2020, a 5-level Spanish program for the 21st century classroom. Watch your students connect to the Spanish-speaking world, rapidly develop language proficiency as well as cultural understanding. With our cutting-edge digital resources, such as video-based tools, authentic cultural videos, eBooks your students will discover the Spanish language in a whole new way.

French T'es branché?

EMC is proud to present T'es branché? Second Edition ©2019, the newest French program on the market. T'es branché? connects learners to French language and culture through a wide variety of activities, projects, and communicative practice. We bundle T'es branché? eBooks with i-Culture™, immersing students in French culture through authentic news articles, documentary-style videos, and songs. ACTFL-aligned, T'es branché? is the best choice for your French classroom–with the freshest digital resources, award-wining authors, and AP* preparation throughout all four levels.

Chinese Zhēn Báng!

Welcome to EMC's Zhēn Báng! program, where students interact with Chinese language and culture in awesome, everyday ways. Get students talking about family, friends, school, home, meals, shopping and more–conversing in pairs and groups. Zhēn Báng! integrates language and culture seamlessly and provides technology resources that are easy to use for students and teachers. What an awesome way to learn the Chinese language! A Chinese program for the 21st-century student.

German Deutsch Aktuell

Meet Deutsch Aktuell, Seventh Edition ©2017, a program where students interact with German language and culture through engaging activities, and group or class projects. Students advance their language skills through real-life communication, cultural interactions and integrated technology.

Italian Amici d'Italia

Welcome to Amici d'Italia, a 3-level Italian program for the 21st century classroom! Watch your students discover the Italian Language in a whole new way.

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Built from the ground up, EMC School has uniquely designed Passport® for your world language classroom.  Learn more about Passport.