BlueStreak Math

The Future of Fact Fluency for all students is here!
A cutting edge digital tool that invites, excites and ignites student practice, learning and mastery of math fact fluency through a space centered gaming environment.

Imagine, a middle school math classroom where...

  • Students knew their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts with accuracy and fluency.

  • Teachers could free up valuable teaching time for deeper learning and higher order thinking skills.

  • Educators have the ability to assess student fluency with mathematical operations by means of monitoring student response time and accuracy

Track progress & mastery data that matters to your school.

  • Real time data analytics across schools, classes and students to provide consistency, precision, and agility in the decision-making process

  • Valuable Pre/ Post Test data to impart predictive analytics as it relates to student performance

  • Sector tags for accelerated learning, special ed, bilingual students and classes to disaggregate relevant data

  • Exportable reports specialized for each student to send home to parents and track performance

Available in English and Spanish, and now multi-player gaming.